RTDOSA focuses on developing and advancing rural areas through tourism development. We believe that rural tourism should be authentic. We want to showcase our true beauty to our customers by exposing the best that we can offer so that we can divert visitors from the beaten track that urban areas have become.


Driven by her experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, Siphokazi Thiam seeks to assist businesses within the industry to get the information needed to avoid shutting down as a result of the pressures of the industry.

We have decided to lend a helping hand to communities in partnership with the government in fighting poverty, reducing crime and reducing urbanization. We want to be involved in responsible tourism that will transform the industry.


Our aim is to unite tourism businesses under one umbrella body for selected local and international markets. We want to expose and share experiences with people as we believe that cooperation is key to eliminating many challenges and opening up new frontiers.


We plan to promote cultural and heritage tourism while providing guidance on sustainable business development in keeping with the demands of the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa for the ultimate transformation of the industry. To be associated with the TGCSA amongst other organisations means that businesses will have access to the proper marketing platforms.


We want to create jobs and show that we can capitalize on the resources that we have at our disposal to reduce inequality as a way of creating a positive legacy. A great way of doing this is that of promoting all types of accommodation establishments within rural areas as we drive towards revealing what we have to offer. Ultimately, we are here to promote the rural tourism agenda by advancing existing companies and supporting struggling ones within the tourism and hospitality industry.


  • Accommodation reservations
  • Conferences and MICE
  • Cultural tourism
  • Educational tourism
  • Catering
  • Camping services
  • Meet and assist services
  • Art and culture
  • Culture and lifestyle
  • Tours
  • Team building
  • Events



  • SMEE’S
  • Contractors
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Suppliers of accommodation establishment amenities
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • South African Revenue Services
  • Youth of rural areas
  • The Department of Education
  • Tourism South Africa
  • Associated business (customers and partners)
  • Cleaning materials suppliers.


We enable tourism in the rural areas of South Africa by using available resources to draw tourists and cater to their needs, thereby bringing a new sense of authenticity to culture and nature-based tourism. By involving the community and governing authorities in all our planning and activities, we ensure the sustainability of local economic development in the communities concerned, while safeguarding their cultural values and natural environment through our sustainable standards.



We aim to be the leading name in rural tourism and its development in every community that we touch. We will leave a lasting legacy of economic independence. Nature conservation, economic upliftment and social justice are our core principles that we will use to break intercontinental boundaries as we export our products and services to the greater Africa for the ultimate tourism revolution of our time.